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Family History Research

We are able to read French records from 15th century to the present day, we will help you find the origins of your French ancestors

Touring Onsite

Contact us to help you plan and tour your ancestor’s home. Where did they situate in their commune? What did they eat? What were some historical events they may have been influenced by?


Learning to do your own genealogy is worth it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you get started or to learn to get past road blocks.

Probate Research

We conduct legal research for finding heirs for an inheritance or to prove a lineage.

About Geneaservices

Renaud, AG®, and Aimée MARIE reside in France and have worked together as Professional genealogists since 2006.


Sources, Stories and more...

Want to learn more about your ancestors?

We would love to help you discover who your French Ancestors are! Let us know more about them and we will work with you to uncovering their story!

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