15 Years of field experience both in ancient records (16th-17th century) reading difficult acts, and more recent time periods tracing families accross the regions of France constitutes a firm background to succeed with your research...

  • Conducting genealogy in different regions of France: Normandy, Britany, Paris, Alpes, Maine...
  • Protestant and Huguenots genealogy : 16th and 17th research tracing people who emigrated in US, Quebec(Canada), South Africa, Netherland, Germany, England...
  • Localisation of ancestors : Finding the family nest of ancestors who changed countries
  • 19-20th century research : Town Hall and Civil registers genealogy
  • Modern research : Departemental archives and Genealogical society ressources
  • Extensive research in 16th and 17th century : parish records and notarial records
  • Family reconstitution in 16th and 17th century : village reconstitution
  • Transcription of acts in Latin and old French : ecclesiastical sources
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