Working with Geneaservices Specialists is a guarantee to work with Accredited and trained specialists from higher institute of Genealogy. Look at their references...

Aimee Marie

Native of Idaho(US), Aimee graduated from Brigham Young University and received a certificate in Genealogy and Family History. BYU is one of the top leading institutions in the United States for Genealogical Studies.
She has developped a keen knowledge of sources and methodology and learned through field experience during numerous trips in France.
Fluent in French, she lives in France as a full time genealogist for Geneaservices to do genealogy research for clients.

Renaud Marie

Native of France, Renaud is an Accredited GenealogistCM AG® by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogist and a member of the American Association of Professional Genealogists.
ICAPGenSM is an international institution that promotes higher standards for genealogy research and guarantees professionalism and competency.
Fluent in English as well, he has developped a sharp competency in family reconstitution and paleography for advanced research in France.

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